July 30: Assiniboine Park's steam railway; St. B's Joseph Guay; Robert Steiman.

July 30, 2001 - Joseph-Philippe Guay, former mayor and Member of Parliament for St. Boniface, dies.

July 30, 1964 – A tiny, ceremonial last spike is driven on the Assinboine Park miniature steam railway. Rides began later that afternoon. For more about the railway's history.

July 30, 1953 - Robert Steiman, hardware retailer and founder of the Merchant's Hotel on Selkirk Avenue, dies in Vancouver.

July 29: HMCS Winnipeg; Kildonan Park Golf Course; Emerson's Town Hall.

July 29, 1943 - The first HMCS Winnipeg, an Algerine Class Coastal Escort, is commissioned into service.

July 29, 1921 - The Kildonan Park Golf Course is formally opened. In its first season, June 9 - September 14, there were 27, 074 games played. It is Winnipeg's oldest municipal golf course.

July 29, 2000 - Bob Page dies. The businessman was the owner of Teddy the Chimp, a local celebrity and one-time mascot of the Winnipeg Blue Bombers. (Above: Teddy off to Grey Cup from Nov. 29, 1959 Winnipeg Free Press.)

July 29, 1918 - Emerson's town hall / courthouse building opens.

July 28: Forks sod turning; Police Chief dies; Terry Fox is born.

The Forks, 1957 (source)

July 28, 1988 - A sod turning ceremony for The Forks takes place. The first project was a $7m transformation of two former CN Express horse barns into a market.

July 28, 1880
- Chief Richard Power of the Manitoba Provincial Police drowns in the Red River. The chief and other officers were returning an escaped prisoner from St. Boniface to Winnipeg when the boat tipped. The body was found near Selkirk the next day. For more see Death of a Chief.

July 28, 1958 - Terrance Stanley "Terry" Fox is born in Winnipeg.

The Nor'Wester, July 29, 1897

July 28, 1897
- The first asphalt is laid in Winnipeg ! Contractors Kelly Brothers lay a patch along Kennedy near Assiniboine.

July 27: City of Winnipeg Act; Stegall hits 138; Royal Alex's first banquet; Conservation Officer down.

July 27, 1971 - Royal assent is given to The City of Winnipeg Act (Bill 36). It paves the way to bring together the rural municipalities of Charleswood, Fort Garry, North Kildonan, Old Kildonan, the town of Tuxedo and cities of East Kildonan, West Kildonan, St. Vital, Transcona, St. Boniface, St. James-Assiniboine and Winnipeg into One Great City !

July 27, 1976
- Conservation Officer Allan Assiniboine drowns after an explosion on his boat while patrolling Lake
Winnipegosis. Three others survived and the death toll could have been higher considering that there was only a single life jacket aboard.

July 27, 2007
- Milt Stegall scores career touchdown number 138 breaking the CFL record once held by both George Reed and Mike Pringle. The Bombers were playing the Ti-Cats.

July 27, 1906
- The Dominion of Canada Guarantee and Accident Insurance Company hosts the first banquet held at the new Royal Alexandra Hotel in Winnipeg.

July 26: Ag Hall of Fame; Louise Bridge opens; Vimy memorial dedicated.

July 26, 1936 - King Edward VIII dedicates Canada's National Vimy Memorial in France. (Also see.)

July 26, 1904 - Winnipeg Electric Railway Company is formed by the merger of the Winnipeg General Power Company and Winnipeg Electric Street Railway Company.

July 26, 1978 - The first 15 people are inducted in to the Manitoba Agricultural Hall of Fame.

July 26, 1966 - CBWT (CBC Manitoba) begins test broadcasts of a colour TV signals in Winnipeg.
Over the weekend they showed colour documentaries and travelogues an hour before their regular broadcast time. On weekdays they broadcast the colour test pattern before their regular broadcast to allow colour TV owners to align their sets.

Colour broadcasts of regular programming began in for September.

Louise Bridge
July 26, 1881 - The first CPR train crosses the Louise Bridge. It was a victory for Winnipeg who wooed the CPR main line away from Selkirk Manitoba with the promise of a free bridge.

July 25: Carman boils over; Security Storage / Kromar Printing Building; St-Jean's champion wheat.

July 25, 2007 - The Town of Carman breaks the Canadian record for the highest humidex reading ever recorded. The air temperature was 34 degrees but with humidity reached 53 degrees !

July 25, 1905 - Businessman and farmer William Clougher dies. He brought international attention to his St. Jean Manitoba farm when he grew a top quality crop of Red Fife wheat in just 95 days. It went on to win top honours at the 1893 Chicago World's Fair.

Old Safeways
July 25, 1951 - The Safeway store at Burnell and Portage opens. It remained part of the chain until 1985 when it was sold to Harry Halbesma and became Harry's Foods. In 2007 it became a Food Fare

July 25, 1929 - The Security Storage / Kromar Printing Building on Portage Avenue at Huntleigh opens.

July 24: Remembering Percy Haynes; Royal Visit; Don Percy's farewell; Officer down.

July 24 - 25, 1959
- The Royal Visit of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II and His Royal Highness the Duke of Edinburgh comes to Manitoba. The 45 day tour, the longest official tour to Canada, took them to all ten provinces and both territories. The highlight of the tour was the opening of the St. Lawrence Seaway. 

July 24, 1982 – Actress Anna Paquin is born in Winnipeg.

July 24, 1944 - Albert Victor Westgate, 43, is hanged Headingly for murdering 16 year old Edith Cook.

July 24, 1981 - Long-time CKY radio personality Don Percy says his on-air goodbye to Winnipeg but it is from the studio of rival station CFRW. CKY was upset with his decision to leave Winnipeg for Edmonton after his six year term and would not let him do a farewell show.

Percy, who began his radio career in Chatham ON in Sept 1956, returned to Winnipeg's airwaves in 1991 with CKY, then CFRW and now Breeze FM.

July 24, 1934 - St. Boniface Police Department Sergeant John Verne is murdered.

The killer was George "Shea" Jayhan, a known criminal from B.C.. While visiting Winnipeg in the summer of 1934 he held up five drugstores at gunpoint demanding narcotics. On this date, he tried for a sixth: the Norbridge Drug Store at 11 St. Mary's Road.

While escaping the parking lot he crashed his stolen getaway car and commandeered another one, ordering the driver at gunpoint to speed away.

July 25, 1934, Winnipeg Free Press

When Sargent Verne arrived at the scene, an eye witness described the getaway car and he gave chase. He blocked in Jayhan's car off Main Street near the CPR sheds, (today the Forks) and a gunfight ensued. Verne was hit twice in the stomach.

Jayhan again ordered his driver to speed off but by this time other police cars were in pursuit. At Bannatyne and Albert there was another gunfight and the suspect was captured.

Jayhan was hanged in Headingley Jail on February 12, 1935.

Percy Haynes ca. 1964. Source.

July 24, 1992 - Percy Haynes dies. He and wife Zena ran the iconic Haynes' Chicken Shack on Lulu Street. Aside from its famous chicken, the restaurant became a musical hotspot, visited by the likes of Billy Daniels, Oscar Peterson and Harry Belafonte.

July 25, 1906, Manitoba Free Press

July 24, 1906 -
Freddy Foote, child of iconic Winnipeg photographer L.B. Foote, has his foot crushed by a streetcar.

July 23: The Gimli Glider; Neil Young's Squires; Pan Am Games begin x 2.

Image by Winnipeg Free Press/Wayne Glowacki

July 23, 1983 - Air Canada Flight 143, a Boeing 767 en route from Montreal to Edmonton, makes an emergency landing at the Gimli race track after running out of fuel. The "Gimli Glider's" problem was traced back to an imperial-to-metric conversion miscalculation. In 2008 the plane was retired from service after a reuniting of the crew and final fly-by over the community.

CBC News reports from the day here and here. The documentary series Mayday, (called Air Disasters in the U.S.), did a very good one-hour episode on it back in 2008.

July 23 1963 - The Squires have their first recording session at the CKRC radio studio in Winnipeg. The band included a 17-year old Kelvin High School student named Neil Young.

July 23 - August 6, 1967 - The 5th Pan American Games are held in Winnipeg.

July 23 - August 8, 1999 - The 13th Pan American Games are held in Winnipeg.

July 22: St. Boniface Cathedral and Nelson Mac Collegiate burn; HMCS Brandon commissioned.

July 22, 1941 -The first HMCS Brandon is commissioned in Quebec City.

July 22, 1968 – Equipment used by workers to repair a dome of the St. Boniface Basilica is blamed for starting a fire that razed the building. Also see: Fire photos; A fireman recalls the fire forty years later; More on St. B's cathedrals.

July 22 1986
- Nelson McIntyre Collegiate is destroyed by fire.

July 21: Marshall McLuhan; City of Winnipeg Act passes; Joseph Hargave dies.

July 21, 1911 - Marshall McLuhan is born in Edmonton. He grew up in Winnipeg, attending Kelvin High School,  Alice Leone Mitchell's School of Expression and the University of Manitoba. From here it was on to Cambridge and an academic career in which he studied the role of mass media on society. He died in December 1980.

Read his N. Y. Times obituary and writings for The Manitoban.

July 21, 1971 - The City of Winnipeg Act is enacted by the Province. It gave the green light for the creation of 'Unicity' - the amalgamation of the old city of Winnipeg, the temporary 'Metro Winnipeg' and her 11 surrounding municipalities.  The Unicity of Winnipeg legally come into being on January 1, 1972.

July 21, 1950 - For the first time Winnipeg police offers are allowed to work in shirt sleeves.

July 21, 1891 - Joseph Hargrave, former HBC chief trader and chronicler of early Manitoba history, dies. Hargrave Street is named for him.

July 20: Riel's trial begins; Legislature totem pole erected.

Collége universitaire de Saint-Boniface
July 20 1885 - Louis Riel is formally charged with treason, the Crown claiming that he ..."most wickedly, maliciously and traitorously did levy and made war against our said Lady the Queen."  Read about his treason trial here.

Kwakiutl Totem Pole
July 20, 1971 - The Kwakiutl Totem Pole is unveiled on the south grounds of the Manitoba Legislature.

July 19: Peace Day parade; "Gingerbread" city hall underway; Max Bell.

July 19, 1884 - The cornerstone for Winnipeg's second city hall is laid by Mayor Alexander Logan. The Gingerbread House opened in 1886.

July 19, 1919 - Winnipeg holds a Peace Day parade. (Also)

July 19, 1983 - Vera Tustin Gilbert dies. She was one of Manitoba's greatest swimmers and went on to coach and officiate the sport.

July 19, 1972 - Max Bell, (also), dies in Montreal. He built one of the largest newspaper chains in the country, FP Publications. When the U of M was struggling to complete construction of their $11m sports complex in 1982, the Max Bell Foundation donated $1.5 m toward the project. It was named the Max Bell Centre.

July 18: Officer Down, Eaton's opens.

July 18, 1969 - Constable Leonard W.C. Shakespeare of the St. Boniface Police Department is shot to death after responding to a robbery call at Provencher and Des Meurons.

July 18, 1905 - At 2:30 p.m. Timothy Eaton and his grandson, four year-old Timothy C. Eaton, press a button to formally open Eaton's flagship store Portage Avenue. There was one catch - nothing was for sale. The first day was to allow people to familiarize themselves with the prices, merchandise and layout of the store. Thousands of people came to have a look.

July 17: Guess Who play White House; "The Cube" opens; St. Boniface Cathedral fire.

July 17, 1970 - The Guess Who perform a four song set at the White House. In the audience is President and Mrs. Nixon, Prince Charles and Princess Ann. The group were told not to include their hit American Woman, which was on the U.S. charts at the time.

Old Market Square, Winnipeg
July 17, 2010 - The Cube stage opens in Old market Square.

July 17, 1971 - A dedication and blessing takes place inside the new St. Boniface Cathedral.

July 17, 1891 - Samuel Bedson, the first warden of Stony Mountain Penitentiary and man credited with introducing the game of golf to Manitoba, dies.

July 16: Officer down, Manitoba's provincial bird; Manitoba Club formed.

July 16th, 1950 – Winnipeg Police Detective-Sergeant Ted Sims is shot to death after responding to a domestic dispute. The man who killed him, Henry Malanik, would become the last man to hang in Manitoba. For more about the killing and the punishment.

July 16, 1987 - Manitoba adopts the Great Gray Owl as its provincial bird.

July 16, 1874 - The Manitoba Club is created.