June 19: The Battle at Seven Oaks; Group of Seven's Frank Johnston.

June 19, 1888 - Group of Seven member Francis Hans Johnston is born in Toronto. He moved to Winnipeg in 1921 to be principal of the Winnipeg School of Art where he taught painters such as Harold MacIntosh. After 1924 Johnston returned to Toronto to teach and left the Group of Seven to exhibit independently.

June 19, 1980 - The Wanipigow Lake Archaeological Site in the Bissett area is designated a Provincial Heritage Site.

June 19, 1816 - The increasingly bloody territorial tit-for-tat between the HBC and North West Company reaches a new low with the Battle at Seven Oaks.

About 60 NWCo employees and Metis under Cuthbert Grant crossed paths with about 26 HBC men under Governor Semple at Seven Oaks. An argument broke out and a gun battle ensued. In the end Semple and 22 of his men are killed. 

The bloodshed led to the merger of the two companies.

June 19, 1891 - The Seven Oaks Monument is unveiled on Main Street in West Kildonan. It is the oldest historic marker in the West.

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