June 10: "Specials" replace police; First Jewish settlers; Kelekis' chip shop.

June 10, 1930 - The teams of the Manitoba Rugby Football Union merge to create 'The Winnipegs', forerunner to the Winnipeg Blue Bombers.

From: Winnipeg Tribune, June 9, 1944

June 10, 1944 - Chris Kelekis opens his first chip shop at Main and Flora. The Main and Aberdeen location, which still exists, opened in 1945. (See: Farewell, C. Kelekis'.)

June 10, 1919 - Just one day after replacing the police force with special constables there are riots in the streets of Winnipeg. The rising tensions made big news not just at home but across North America, including the June 11 New York Times:

"Riot and violence broke loose on the streets of Winnipeg today. For three hours the strikers fought a pitched battle with the special constabulary in the heart of the city, at Main Street and Portage Avenue, while from windows and roofs of office buildings for three blocks Winnipeg looked on."

June 10, 1882 - The first group of Jewish settlers arrive in Manitoba.

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