June 9: M.S. Lord Selkirk II launched; Winnipeg's police force sacked; Pinawa generates.

June 9, 1922 Edward Parnell, Winnipeg’s 32nd mayor, dies in office.

Winnipeg Police Museum
June 9, 1919 - Most of the Winnipeg Police force, including the chief, is dismissed for not swearing an oath to never join a union or participate in a strike. They were replaced by 'special constables'. For more.

June 9 1906 – The first power is generated by the old Pinawa Generating Station. It was the first station on the Winnipeg River and remained in service until September 1951. (Image from Manitoba Hydro Corporate History).

June 9, 1969 - The M.S. Lord Selkirk II is launched in Selkirk by Lieutenant Governor Richard Bowles and Mrs. Roland Michener, wife of the Governor General. For more about the ship and her fate.

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