June 17: Medical Arts Building opens; Manitoba's last hanging; Ben Moss dies; Duff Roblin born.

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June 17, 1974 - The Medical Arts Building opens on Kennedy Street. It replaced a ca. 1923 building by the same name.

June 17, 1919 - Winnipeg Police arrest 21 General Strike leaders for Seditious Conspiracy. They are sent to Stony Mountain to await trial or deportation.


June 17, 1952
- Henry Malanik is the last person to be hanged in Manitoba. The 48 year-old plumber shot and killed Detective James (Ted) Sims in July 1950. For more see my West End Dumpling post on the case.

June 17, 1917 - Dufferin Roblin is born in Winnipeg. In a twenty-year political career Roblin is best remembered for championing the construction of the Red River Floodway, nicknamed Duff's Ditch. In 2008 he was voted "The Greatest Manitoban" in a Winnipeg Free Press contest. Roblin died on May 30, 2011 at the age of 92.

See Globe and Mail , CBC retrospectives.

June 17, 1962 - Ben Moss, the jeweller, dies. A Romanian immigrant, Ross set up a diamond importing business in 1910. In 1932 his first retail store appeared at 422 Main Street. For more on the history of Ben Moss Jewellers.)

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