October 27: Billy Barker's Victoria Cross; Tom Jackson is born; Carman's Jack Carson.

October 27, 1910 - Hollywood character actor Jack Carson is born in Carman MB. Carson grew up in Milwaukee, which he considered to be his true home town.

October 27, 1948 -Singer, actor and philanthropist Tom Jackson is born on the One Arrow Reserve, Saskatchewan. He was raised in Alberta and moved to Winnipeg when he was 14.  (Also see.)

Billy Barker Memorial
October 27, 1918 - Dauphin's Billy Barker fights the battle that would earn him his Victoria Cross.

Returning from a successful mission, Barker was attacked by a formation of German planes. Wounded and near unconsciousness, he shot down four planes which allowed him time to cross back over Allied lines before crash landing. That made 50 enemy aircraft, making him Canada's most celebrated war Ace and Canada's most decorated soldier.

For more on Barker read my West End Dumpling post.

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