October 26: Winnipeg's first 'talkie"; Elim Chapel burns; Bank of Commerce opens; N.Y. Rangers beats Winnipeg Navy.

October 26, 1974 Elim Chapel at Portage at Spence burns.

Built in 1903 as St. Stephen's Presbyterian, it was once home to the congregation of Reverend Charles Gordon, (better known as author Ralph Connor.)

Nobody was injured but the building was completely gutted, including a three-keyboard Casavant organ valued at over $100,000. The congregation decided to rebuild on the same spot when it was found that the foundation and what was left of the walls could be re-used.

In early November, a 24 year-old Balmoral Street man was caught fleeing the scene of the fire at Knox Church and charged with 5 counts of arson.

October 26, 1942 - The New York Rangers beat the Winnipeg Navy Club 9-2 at an exhibition game in front of a sold out audience at the Winnipeg Amphitheatre.

October 26, 1912 - A grand opening banquet is held in the new Bank of Commerce headquarters on Main Street. The building is now known as the Millennium Centre.

 Metropolitan Theatre
Oct 25, 1928 Free Press

October 26, 1928 - At 6 p.m. Winnipeg’s first 'talking picture’ is shown at the Metropolitan Theatre on Donald Street.

The Met was fitted with the Movietone Sound System which synchronized films with a sound track. The movie shown was "The Street Angel" and while there was no actual talking in the movie the symphonic score was overlaid.

The accompanying newsreel and a comedy short featuring Robert Benchley did have spoken word.

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