October 29: The Paddlewheel Restaurant opens; Roblin is Premier; St. Andrew's an historic site; Theatre 77.

October 29, 1954 - The Paddle Wheel Buffet (Paddlewheel Restaurant) opens in the Bay Downtown. It was part of a two year pillar-to-post renovation of the store that included the construction of a parkade which also opened on the same date. For a history of the restaurant and of the Bay Parkade.

October 29, 1990
- Knox United Church, 400 Edmonton Street, Winnipeg, is designated a Provincial Heritage Site.

October 29, 1990 - Frelsis (Liberty) Lutheran Church at Grund, R.M. of Argyle, near Baldur, is designated a Provincial Heritage Site.

St. Andrew's Church
October 29, 1990 - St. Andrew's-on-the-Red Anglican Church, 3 St. Andrews Road, R.M. of St. Andrews, near Lockport is designated a Provincial Heritage Site.

October 29, 1887 - The first pipe organ installed in Manitoba is unveiled at the Birtle Presbyterian Church.

October 29, 1900 - Sir Rodmond Roblin becomes Premier of Manitoba.

October 29, 1936 - Tobias Crawford Norris dies in Toronto. Norris sat in the Legislature from 1896 - 1932 and was premier from 1915 - 1922.

October 29, 1904 - Joseph Alston Wise is born in Winnipeg. He was a member of the 1932 Olympic Gold Medal winning hockey team The Winnipegs.

October 29, 1957 – A CBC radio documentary airs the day after the debut performance of John Hirsch’s Theatre 77’s first performance: The Italian Straw Hat. It marked the return of professional theatre to Winnipeg after a 25-year absence.

The following year “77” merged with Winnipeg Little Theatre to form the Manitoba Theatre Centre.

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