August 17: Winnipeg Sun version 1.0 launches; city hall cornerstone; Cranberry Portage train disaster.

August 17, 1943 - Two CPR work trains collide near Cranberry Portage killing seven employees and injuring seven others. Most of the dead were resting in the caboose of the first train when it was struck from behind. (Read the Tribune story).

For more deadly Manitoba train crashes.

August 17, 1881 - The first Winnipeg Sun hits the streets. It published six days a week under editor and proprietor W. H. Nagle and folded in July 1885.

Old Market and City Hall
August 17, 1875 - The cornerstone is laid for Winnipeg's first city hall. It was replaced within a decade by the "gingerbread" city hall and market buildings. They were demolished in 1964 to make way for the current Civic Centre.

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