August 18: The Beatles arrive in Winnipeg, so does cable TV.

August 18, 1968 - Metro Videon, owned by Randy Moffat, hooks up the first cable TV in Winnipeg on rue d'Eglise in Saint Norbert. The couch potato is created ! To read the Free Press story.

August 18, 1964
- Over 1,000 screaming fans converge on the Winnipeg Airport to get a glimpse of The Beatles when their plane landed for a refuelling stop. (See video of their Winnipeg visit and read a first-hand account.)

The Beatles left the plane to do a ten minute press conference on the tarmac. The Free Press reported that "...all around the terminal groups of young people were walking around in semi stupors and there was much crying among the girls.

Their Canadian shows were in Vancouver, Montreal and two in Toronto but sadly, none in Winnipeg.

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