August 16: Brandon's Daly; General Hospital fundraiser; Manitoba pounded by rain.

August 17, 1939, Winnipeg Tribune

August 16, 1939 - Southern Manitoba is pounded by a pair of rainstorms. In a 24 hour period over 8 cm of rain fell flooding basements, cutting off communications and roads. It was the largest rainstorm in 25 years.

Subscription Notice, Daily Nor'Wester Aug 16, 1897

August 16, 1897
- The Winnipeg General Hospital launches their $50,000 Jubilee Wing Campaign.

Winnipeg General Hospital ca. 1888 (source)

At the time hospital had just one ward and just eight beds dedicated to surgery but in 1895 saw 1,795 patients, 496 of whom were from outside city limits. Between 1891 and 1920 the need for expansion continued as the WGH's patient population grew by 1600% (source.)

August 16, 1852 -
Thomas Mayne Daly, Brandon's first mayor and Canada's first juvenile court judge is born in Stratford, ON.

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