June 2: Portage and Main created; Elizabeth becomes Queen; Veterans march on Legislature.

June 2, 2008 - The 'This Was Winnipeg' blog is created !

Portage and Main
June 2, 1862 - Henry McKenney and John Schultz sign the deed for a plot of land at the north-west junction of two cart trails, Main Street and Portage Road. They built a lumber and hardware store, followed soon after by Dr. Schultz's surgery. Over time, others joined them near the site and it soon became the colony's most famous intersection.

For more on the colourful McKenney and Schultz. For more on Portage and Main's birthday.

June 2, 1919 - Thousands of striking Veterans converge on the Legislature demanding to see Premier Norris. Led by A.E. Bray, they presented a petition to the premier demanding compulsive collective bargaining, a withdrawal of the ultimatum to members of the Winnipeg Police Department to return to work and swear never to participate again in a strike, and the reinstatement of all provincial workers that joined the movement. They warned that failure to meet the demands would result in thier call for the resignation of the government.

June 2, 1953 - Princess Elizabeth becomes Queen Elizabeth II. To read Winnipeg media coverage. For video of the ceremony.

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