June 1: Mayor Webb dies; Children's Museum opens; Gas Station Theatre's opening night; Starkell off to the Amazon.

June 1,1945 - Lt. Col. Ralph Humphreys Webb dies in Ottawa. Webb was distinguished soldier and mayor of Winnipeg from 1925-27 and 1930-34. He also served in the Legislature from 1933 - 1940.

June 1, 1996 - The Manitoba Children's Museum open at their new location, the former Bridges and Structures building at at The Forks.

June 1, 1980 - Don Starkell and his two sons depart Winnipeg by canoe on a journey from the Red River to the Amazon River. The 19,603 km trip is recognized by Guinness World Book as the longest canoe trip in history.

June 1, 1983 - The first performance a the Gas Station Theatre takes place. The Ottawa-based Great Canadian Theatre Company’s Sandinista ran until June 5.

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