January 5: Convention Centre opens; Captain Stevenson; Margaret Laurence dies; 'Peg's first civic election.

January 5, 1920 - The R.M. of Lakeview is incorporated. The village of Langruth, however, was settled back in 1909. It's name is a combination of the names of its two founders: Mr. George W. Langdon and Mr. W. Judson Ruth.

January 5, 1874 - The City of Winnipeg holds its first civic election. Francis E. Cornish, previously a Mayor of London ON, is elected mayor along with 12 aldermen.

January 5, 1917 – Winnipeg Mayor-Elect David J. Dyson is unseated on a recount. Three days later Frederick Harvey Davidson would be sworn in as 28th Mayor of Winnipeg.

January 5, 1987 - Frank Stack dies in Winnipeg.

Born and raised in Winnipeg, Stack was a speed skating phenom. He won the Canadian championship six times and represented Canada the same number of times at Olympic Games. He won a bronze medal in 1932.
After his skating he coached future generations of speed skaters and is a member of the Manitoba Sports Hall of Fame.

January 5, 1987 – Neepawa-born author Margaret Laurence commits suicide at age 60. Laurence had suffered from depression most of her life but the fact that she killed herself was not revealed until her biography was released ten years later.

For CBC interviews and stories about her over the years.

Brookside Cemetary
January 5, 1928 - Aviation pioneer Captain Frederick J. Stevenson dies in a plane crash near The Pas. Later that year the airport in Winnipeg was renamed Stevenson Aerodrome. (For more on Winnipeg's airports).

January 5, 1975 - The Winnipeg Convention Centre opens.

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