Janaury 6: Commissionaires formed; CKDM on the air; Wesley College opens.

January 6, 1938 - The Manitoba division of the Corps of Commissionaires was formed after a meeting at the Hotel Fort Garry.

The national body was founded in 1925. Its purpose was to provide employment for returned and retired soldiers.

Dauphin Manitoba
January 6,1951 - Dauphin's CKDM Radio signs on the air, the "DM" is for Dauphin, Manitoba. They're still going strong ! (Image: CKDM's Schedule for Friday July 25, 1952.)

Wesley College, now the University of Winnipeg.
January 6, 1896 - Wesley College's new building on Portage Avenue opens to students. (For a building history.)

January 6, 1930 - Manitou's town hall is destroyed by fire. Later that year, a new building was constructed. it would eventually become the Manitou Opera House.

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