January 4: First policewomen; St. Pierre-Jolys incorporates; Angus McIvor hangs.

January 4, 1917 - The first women, Jane Andrews (above) and Mary Dunn, are the first women sworn in as Winnipeg police officers by magistrate Hugh John Macdonald. For more on the women see: 100 years of Winnipeg Policewomen.

January 4, 1947 – The Town of St-Pierre-Jolys is incorporated. Founded in 1877 as Rat River, its name was soon changed to Saint-Pierre. ‘Jolys’ was later added to commemorate Father Jolys, a man instrumental in the settlement’s development.

January 4, 1910
– The Village of Winnipeg Beach holds its first council meeting at 12 noon.

January 4,1923 – The Great Falls Generating Station, located on the Winnipeg River 130 km northeast of Winnipeg, is officially opened. 

January 4, 1899 - The Rock Lake Review begins publication in Cartwright, MB. In 1903 it changed its name to the Southern Manitoba Review.

January 4 - 1972 - The inaugural council meeting of the "Unicity" of Winnipeg is held.

January 4, 1876 - Angus McIvor is hanged in Winnipeg for the September 1875 murder of George Atkinson.

Mr. Baptiste Charette hired McIvor as part of a team to deliver freight to the West. Around Shoal Lake the men came across Atkinson who had an overloaded cart and Charette agreed to share part of the load. The next night, while stopping over near Fort Ellice (at St. Lazare) McIvor shot and killed Atkinson and wounded Charette. It was believed that he intended to steal the cargo.

The Free Press noted that Mcivor faced his hanging "like a man" He is buried in an unmarked grave at St. Boniface Basilica.

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