July 3: Streisand plays Winnipeg; Brandon's first council meeting; Firefighting in the Blitz.

July 5, 1961, Winnipeg Free Press

July 3 -16, 1961
- A 19-year old singer from New York named Barbra Streisand begins a two week gig at The Towers nightclub on Kennedy Street for $350 per week. (For more see my West End Dumplings post !)

July 3, 1882 - The first full council meeting of the City of Brandon is held in a school on 10th Avenue. Mayor Thomas Mayne Daly presided (Image: May 1894, Topley Studio / Library and Archives Canada / PA-027386).

July 3, 1944 - Winnipeg fireman J. S. Coull (36) is killed in the line of duty. He was in London along with 30 other City of Winnipeg firefighters as part of the Canadian Corps of (Civilian) Firefighters. Their goal was to provide assistance to local civilian fire departments during the Blitz in London and other urban areas.

Coull and a London firefighter were killed when a rocket exploded as they were attending a fire. Another Winnipeg firefighter, J. R. C. Legree, was injured. (See my Winnipeg Free Press story about Corps and read more about firefighting during the Blitz at the London Fire Brigade History Site.)

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