June 29: MB's first female MLA; River Park rescue; Bomber Frank Rigney; Curler W. A. Carson.

June 29, 1920
- Edith MacTavish Rogers, Winnipeg (Liberal), becomes the first woman elected to the Manitoba Legislature in the first provincial election in which women could stand for office. She was re-elected on July 18, 1922 and again on June 28, 1927, retiring in 1932.

In 1963 Rogers' daughter,
Margaret Konantz, became the first Manitoba woman elected to parliament. For more on early women in the Legislature.

June 29, 1900 - Adala Thompson is rescued from the Red River after an attempt to parachute into River Park failed. Thompson was a local 'aeronot' who jumped numerous times over the summer from hot air balloons into the park as part of the entertainment lineup. For more early Winnipeg aero stunts.

June 29, 2010 - Bomber great Frank Rigney
dies. During his nine-year career Rigney and the Bombers won four Grey Cups. (Bomber press release).

June 29, 1920 - A fire at the Argyle Block on Notre Dame Avenue kills W. A. Carson, a former Manitoba champion curler.

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