October 16: Princess Elizabeth visits; Pointe du Bois on line; BTO's Fred Turner.

October 16, 1951 - Princess Elizabeth and the Duke of Edinburgh visit Winnipeg. Less than six months later Elizabeth would become Queen.

While in Winnipeg the Winnipeg Ballet Club performed at the Queen’s request. The year following her coronation Elizabeth granted them a Royal charter, a first for a ballet company. The troupe was rechristened the Royal Winnipeg Ballet.

For more on their Royal Tour check out this documentary (Winnipeg starts at 19:49) as well as here and this photo set.

October 16, 2010 - The Winnipeg Blue Bombers are inducted into the Manitoba Rugby Hall of Fame.

October 16, 1911 - The first power from the Pointe du Bois Generating Station is delivered to Winnipeg. It is the province's oldest station built by Winnipeg Hydro.

Manitoba Hydro inherited in 2002 when it bought Winnipeg Hydro. In early 2012 the company announced that it would be closing down the adjacent “company town” by the same name. The power station will remain open.

October 16, 1943 - Fred Turner of Bachman Turner Overdrive is born in Winnipeg.

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