October 15: Winnipeg Auditorium opens; Jets' first home opener; street lights shine.

October 15, 1932 - Winnipeg's Civic Auditorium on Vaughan Street is officially opened by Prime Minister R. B. Bennett. Built as a Depression relief project, the Auditorium was Winnipeg's main hall for concerts, lectures and indoor sports such as basketball and volleyball. It was also home to the Winnipeg Symphony Orchestra and the art gallery.

The combination of so many venues under one roof was unique and made the venue very successful. From the mid 50s to late 60s many of the events and institutions that called the building home headed to newer sites. In 1970 the province purchased it and converted it into the Manitoba Provincial Archives building.

October 15, 1882
- The first electric street lights appear in Winnipeg. The three lamps were located at Broadway and Main, Lombard Street and the CPR station on Higgins.

For more on
Winnipeg's first utilities. Also, for about James Stuart, a key player in the early 'electrification' of Winnipeg.

October 15, 1972 - The WHA's Winnipeg Jets play their first-ever home game at the Winnipeg Arena. 

Despite a 2-0 regular season record and the hype over signing Bobby Hull, fans took time to warm up to the team. Many complained about the ticket prices: $6 and $5 plus tax. Only 8,000 were in attendance at the arena that night – 2,500 short of a sell-out.

The Jets lost 5 - 2 to the Alberta Oilers. For more on the Jets' first season

October 15, 1943 - Charles Evans, window washer, dies after falling 20 feet from the Dismorr Building.

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