September 24: Wpg Fire Brigade created; C. P. Walker; Harry Colebourn.

September 24, 1874 - Winnipeg's first Volunteer Fire Brigade is formed. For more on the history of firefighting in Winnipeg see Winnipeg Fire Fighters Museum. 

September 24, 1874 - William Code joins the Winnipeg Fire Department. By 1889 the Dublin-born Code was chief and earned the nickname "Fighting Billy" for his charisma and popularity. He retired in 1914 and was believed at the time to be the longest serving fireman in Canadian history. (Also see Fighting Bill Code.)

A display dedicated to Code, which includes some of his personal artifacts, can be seen at the Winnipeg Fire Museum. 

September 24, 1932 - Premier John Bracken appoints a Royal Commission to investigate how things went so wrong in the Machray Affair. (See the Sept. 22 entry or this Manitoba Historical Society essay.)

September 24, 1942 - Corliss Powers ("C.P.") Walker dies in Winnipeg. He and wife Harriet came to Winnipeg from the U.S. in 1897 to add a local theatre to their mid-western U.S. chain. They eventually built The Walker Theatre, the jewel of their entertainment circuit.

Walker is buried in Winnipeg's Brookside Cemetery.

September 24, 1962 - Actress Nia Vardalos is born Antonia Eugenia Vardalos in Winnipeg.

Winnie the bear
September 24, 1947 - Major Harry Colebourn dies in Winnipeg.

While en route to Europe in August 1914, the Canadian Army Veterinary Corps member purchased an orphaned black female bear cub at White River, ON and named her Winnie after his hometown of Winnipeg. Winnie was left at the London Zoo for safekeeping when they deployed to mainland Europe. After the war he donated Winnie to the zoo where she had become a major attraction.

Harry Colebourn Grave
Colebourn returned to Winnipeg where he started a private veterinary practice on McMillan Avenue. He also worked for the animal section of the Canadian Department of Agriculture. He is buried in Winnipeg's Brookside Cemetery. 

September 24, 1955 - Joseph Lamont dies in Winnipeg. Born and raised in Treherne, Lamont was a surgeon who served in both World Wars. He was also for a time the provincial coroner and the district medical officer for the Department of Veterans’ Affairs.

September 24, 1941 - 9 RCACS (Air Cadet Squadron) is formed in Neepawa.

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