September 23: Dancer Paddy Stone; MLA Joe Borowski.

September 23, 1986 - Dancer and choreographer Paddy Stone dies in Winnipeg.
Three's Company, Stone (bottom)

Born on September 16, 1924 in Winnipeg, Stone began his career with the RWB.
In the 1950s he was acclaimed for his performances on the London stage, including in Annie Get Your Gun. In 1953 he teamed up with Irving Davies and Beryl Kaye to form a dance group called Three’s Company that was soon “touring to acclaim in Paris, Rome, London, Chicago and New York.By the mid 50s the trio settled in New York.

Stone appeared twice on the Ed Sullivan show in 1955, was in a Broadway play and appeared as a dancer in films such as Gene Kelly’s Invitation to the Dance (released in 1956). In 1982 he was choreographer for the film Victor/Victoria. (His filmography).

Stone returned to his roots as a choreographer with the RWB in the early 80’s. He died on September 23rd 1986.

September 23, 1996Joe Borowski, MLA and Cabinet Minister for Thompson, dies. He resigned in 1971 over the issue of legalizing abortion and spent the next twenty years in the national spotlight fighting on behalf of the pro-life movement.

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Unknown said...

Paddy Stone also created the choreography for the Cinema Centre film SCROOGE! (1970) starring Albert Finney. In this film, he also appeared (facially obscured) as "The Ghost of Christmas Future."