August 13: BTO spilts; American Woman recorded; Hack Simpson born; Laura Secord's cornerstone.

August 13 has been an eventful date for Randy Bachman !

August 13, 1968 - Tal Bachman is born in Winnipeg.

August 13, 1969 - The Guess Who record the song "American Woman". It hit the top of the Billboard charts in May 1970 and stayed there for three weeks.

August 13, 1977 - Randy Bachman announces that he is leaving BTO.

August 13, 1893 - Harold Joseph Simpson was born in Selkirk, Manitoba. 'Hack' played for 'The Winnipegs' hockey club that won the Allen Cup in 1931. In 1932 was the Canadian flag bearer at the Lake Placid Winter Olympics and part of the gold medal winning men's hockey team. Simpson died Christmas Day 1973 in Florida.

August 13, 1912 - The cornerstone is laid for Laura Secord School by R.P. Knox, chair of the school division's building committee. The school would have 23 classrooms and capacity for 1,100 students making it the largest elementary school in the city.

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