July 19: Peace Day parade; "Gingerbread" city hall underway; Max Bell.

July 19, 1884 - The cornerstone for Winnipeg's second city hall is laid by Mayor Alexander Logan. The Gingerbread House opened in 1886.

July 19, 1919 - Winnipeg holds a Peace Day parade. (Also)

July 19, 1983 - Vera Tustin Gilbert dies. She was one of Manitoba's greatest swimmers and went on to coach and officiate the sport.

July 19, 1972 - Max Bell, (also), dies in Montreal. He built one of the largest newspaper chains in the country, FP Publications. When the U of M was struggling to complete construction of their $11m sports complex in 1982, the Max Bell Foundation donated $1.5 m toward the project. It was named the Max Bell Centre.

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