July 14: Rolling Stones play Arena; St. Andrews Lock and Dam open; Peace Garden dedicated; Hearne reaches Arctic.

June 11, 1966, Winnipeg Free Press

July 14, 1966 - The Rolling Stones play the Winnipeg Arena. Ticket price: $4.50 !!

The Free Press reported that it was an 'almost capacity' crowd. The McCoys were the final opening act and finished their set with Hang on Snoopy. After that "...the arena was an acre of controlled hypertension" as dozens of security personnel in white coats lined up in front of the stage to protect the 100-foot deep 'no-man's land' between the seats and stage. 

"Whatever section of the audience he (Jagger) faced came alive. He took one section of it at a time and played it as his own instrument. Pounding the floor, contracting his knees inside his tight white pants, encouraging, and enjoying audience sympathy."
Winnipeg Free Press July 15, 1966

July 15 1910, Manitoba Free Press

July 14, 1910 - Prime Minister Sir Wilfrid Laurier and his Public Works Minister William Pugsley formally open the St. Andrews Lock and Dam in Lockport. (Also see.)

International Peace Garden
July 14, 1932 - The International Peace Garden, which straddles the Canada - U.S. border south of Boissevain, is dedicated. 

July 14, 1994 – Bomber QB Matt Dunnigan sets a CFL record for the most passing yards in a game: 713 against the Eskimos.

July 14, 1914 - Southern Manitoba suffers one of the worst rain storms on record. In six hours 5.26 inches of rain fell.

Churchill Skies
Hearne Map
Image: Map of Hearne's travels by Samuel Hearne, Library and Archives Canada

July 14, 1770 - Samuel Hearne and Matonabbee arrive at the Coppermine River, their final destination after leaving Churchill in February 1769. They descend the river to the Arctic Ocean and Hearne becomes the first European to reach the Arctic Ocean overland.

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