June 24: Thomas Daly dies; Union Station opens; Mounties become "Royal"

June 24, 1911 - Thomas Mayne Daly dies in Winnipeg.

Daly lays claim to a number of Manitoba firsts: the first mayor of Brandon (1882); the first federal cabinet minister from Manitoba (1891). Following his political career he was a Winnipeg Magistrate and when Manitoba created the first Juvenile Court in Canada, he was its first judge.

Union Station, Winnipeg
Image: ca 1913, Library and Archives Canada PA-021730

June 24, 1912 - Winnipeg’s Union Station officially opens.

June 24, 1904 – On their 30th anniversary, King Edward VII confers the title “Royal” upon the North West Mounted Police. It was Governor General Lord Minto, a supporter of the NWMP, who urged the King to do so. Later that year Minto was appointed the force’s first Honorary Commissioner.

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