June 23: Brandon's first M.P.;Logan dies; Brigitte Grenier;Riot Act read in Winnipeg.

June 23, 1990 - Brigitte Grenier, 16, is murdered near Roseile Manitoba. RCMP arrest Kyle Unger who spent 14 years in jail until his release after DNA evidence showed that hair found at the scene were not his.

June 23, 1919 - Mayor Gray reads the Riot Act in Winnipeg to quell future strike demonstrations and allow for the arrest of strike leaders.

June 23, 1883 - Winnipeg gets her first electric streetlights via the short-lived Northwest Electric Light an Power Company's power plant on Water Avenue.

ca. 1890 Library and Archives Canada PA-025697

June 23, 1896 - D'Alton McCarthy is the first MP elected for the new riding of Brandon. 

The Irish-born lawyer was elected in both Brandon AND Simcoe North, Ontario. He chose to sit as member for the latter, forcing a by-election in Brandon. 

June 23, 1894 - Alexander Logan dies. A businessman and landowner, he served as mayor of Winnipeg for four years between 1879 and 1884, some of the city's greatest boom years.

June 23, 1960 - The $50m Kelsey Generating Station, the first on the Nelson River, goes into service. It was initially built to power the INCO mine and town of Thompson.

June 23, 1896 - In the federal election John A. MacDonell beats Hugh Armstrong in the Selkirk riding by just one vote.

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