May 9: Arctic explorers feted; Seven Sisters generates; Headingley an R.M..

May 9, 1992 - After splitting from the City of Winnipeg, Headingley incorporates as a rural municipality.

May 9, 1931 - The Seven Sisters Generating Station begins operations. It was built by the Winnipeg Electric Company on the Winnipeg River 90 km N.E. of Winnipeg.

May 9, 1936 - Two Antarctic explorers arrive in Winnipeg en route to their respective home towns. Herbert Hollick-Kenyon and J.H. Lymburner, were part of flight team that was to circumnavigate and map the South Pole. Their plane went down in a storm and for seven weeks were not heard from. Winnipeggers lined the route from City Hall to the Legislature to catch a glimpse of them. More in this Montreal Gazette article.

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