May 8: Lockport "Japs" removed; Major Tucker killed.

May 8, 1931 - Major P. B. R. Tucker, manager of the Notre Dame and Sherbrook branch of the Dominion Bank, is shot and killed during a robbery.

Tucker was a career bank employee and respected veteran. He served in World War I, was wounded twice and received the Military Cross. He was buried with full military honors.

It is thought that his partial deafness due to his war injuries led to him being shot, as he could not hear the order to put his hands in the air. For years rumours swirled about who the daring bandits were. Some men were questioned but, it appears,  the culprits were never caught.

May 8, 1942 - It is announced that a group of Japanese Canadians who were expelled from their homes in B.C. and resettled near Lockport by the B.C. Security Commission are, again, to be moved after protests from local residents.

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