May 28: Falcon captain dies; Floodway deal signed; Isbister remembered.

May 28, 1884 - Alexander Kennedy Isbister dies. Isbister was of Metis heritage and started life as an HBC fur trader and explorer. He ended up one of Manitoba’s senior educators, constitutional lawyers and a philanthropists.

May 28, 1962 - Manitoba signs a $63.2 million agreement with the Feds to build the Red River Floodway. It would become the second largest earth-moving project in the world after the Panama Canal.

May 28, 1970 - the directors of the Hudson's Bay Company vote to transfer the head office of the company to Winnipeg.

May 28, 1979 - Frank Frederikson dies. Born in Winnipeg to Icelandic parents, he was the captain of the Allan Cup and Olympic gold medal-winning Winnipeg Falcons.

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