April 6: Brandon fireman down; Transcona's birthday; Thomas Creighton.

April 6, 1918 - Constable Bernard W. Snowden, 30, of the Winnipeg Police Department is shot and killed while investigating a break-in.

April 6, 1953 - Brandon firefighter Frederick J Brown,(57), becomes Brandon's only fireman killed in the line of duty while fighting the Olympia Cafe fire.

According to the 7 April 1953 Free Press, Brown was “...trapped in the basement of the building housing the Olympia CafĂ© during the early stages of the fire and the blaze spread so quickly that the other members of the brigade could not reach him”.

April 6, 1912 - The Town of Transcona is incorporated. The name was chosen from thousands of contest entries and is a combination of the names ‘Transcontinental’ (after the railway) and ‘Strathcona’ (after Lord Strathcona, one of the founders of the railway.)

Transcona celebrates its centenary this summer ! Also see the Transcona Historical Museum at the Virtual Museum of Canada.

April 6, 1949 - Thomas Creighton dies. In 1915 the prospector staked a claim to the ore body that became the Flin Flon mine. Neighbouring Creighton, Saskatchewan is named for him.

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