April 5: Farewell Mr. Ashdown; Brandon's Joe Hall dies; Wpg Aqueduct flows.

Ashdown 1
April 5, 1924 - James Ashdown, dies at the age of 80. Born in London, he arrived in Winnipeg before the city was incorporated and began a hardware business. He was a founder of the city and served as mayor in 1907-08.

Ashdown is buried in St. John's cemetery.

April 5, 1919 – Water from the Greater Winnipeg Aqueduct begins to flow to some homes and businesses via the McPhillips reservoir. It and the accompanying railway cost $13,050,000 and can supply 386.4 million litres of water a day.

April 5, 1924- The Winnipeg Electric Railway Company (WERCo.), formerly the Winnipeg Electric Street Railway Company, changes it's name to the Winnipeg Electric Company.

April 5, 1919 - Part way thought the 1919 Stanley Cup final, 37 year-old Brandoner and Canadiens defenseman Joe Hall dies of influenza in Seattle. The illness had been sweeping through the lineups of both teams and the series postponed. Hall's death put off any thoughts of playing the remaining game and no cup was awarded that year.

For more on the death of Brandon's Joe Hall.

April 8 1913, Winnipeg Free Press

April 5, 1913 - The Winnipeg Free Press move into their new building at 300 Carlton Street.

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