April 20: Grace Hospital opens; Winnipeg Electric Street Railway Company incorporates.

streetcar 105
April 20, 1892 - The Winnipeg Electric Street Railway Company is incorporated by an Act of the Manitoba Legislature. Its role was to operate the streetcar system in Winnipeg, St. Boniface and outlying municipalities. (For more on Winnipeg's Streetcars).

Grace Hosptial, Winnipeg
April 20, 1967 - Premier Duff Roblin and Commander Edgar Grinsted preside over the official opening of the Salvation Army's new Grace Hospital in St. James, replacing their circa 1905 facility on Arlington Street.

The 258 bed facility cost $7.5 m and was funded from Roblin's 5% increase in the PST dedicated toward hospital improvements. The facility was a year late in opening due to a fire during construction and a rail strike that delayed the delivery of key pieces of steel infrastructure.

It was the first hospital in Canada to have a 'teenage ward' to deal with patients that were transitioning between the child health system to adult care.

In 2008 the hospital became part of the WRHA but kept the Sally Ann's 'Grace' name.

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