December 5 - Portage and Main Soldier; Wpg's first Grey Cup appearance; Goldblaum gang caught.

December 6, 1925, MB Free Press

December 5, 1925 - In Winnipeg's first appearance at a Grey Cup final the Ottawa Senators beat the Tammany Tigers 24 – 1 on home turf to win the 13th Grey Cup.

Winnipeg's Tammany Tigers Athletic Association, (which also fielded baseball and hockey teams), were western rugby champions but no match for their eastern counterparts. This was nothing new - the cumulative score of the 1922 - 1925 Grey Cup games was East 114 , West 2.

First World War Soldier
December 5, 1923 - At 4 p.m. the Bank of Montreal unveil First World War Soldier at Portage and Main. The 9 foot tall memorial, by American artist James Earl Fraser, was commissioned by the bank to commemorate those employees who died in WWI. For more about the sculpture.

December 5, 1995 - Winnipeg's Royal Canadian Mint in Winnipeg begins striking the "Tooney".

The coin replaced the $2 bill which was rarely seen in Manitoba. Urban lore says that during Winnipeg’s early, “Wild West” years, two dollars is what a prostitute or bottle of whiskey cost. As a result, people shied away from carrying them for fear of being looked upon suspiciously. 

Released 8 years after the “looney”, a big debate at the time was would the new coin’s nickname be the “bearey” or the “tooney”.

ca. 1912 (source)

December 5, 1908 - A botched robbery at Porte and Markle Jewelers on Portage Avenue leads to the capture of a " ..the most notorious and dangerous diamond robbers on the continent." For a longer account of the Porte and Markle robbery.

December 5
, 1927 - The first Neepawa Company of Girl Guides is registered.

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