December 4: Actors Donnelly Rhodes and Deanna Durbin; Crystal City and Wawanesa incorporate.

December 4, 1921 - “Winnipeg’s Sweetheart”Actress Edna Mae 'Deanna' Durbin, is born in Winnipeg. The Durbin family moved to Los Angeles when Durban was an infant but thanks to extended family they returned often for visits. Winnipeg followed her every move as if she never left.

At 13 years of age Deanna was signed by Universal Studios and her string of hit movies made her the highest paid star in Hollywood. In 1948, 27 year old Durbin was at the height of her career with 21 pictures and dozens of recordings to her credit when she suddenly “quit” Hollywood, opting to raise her family in rural France.

For more on Deanna Durbin's life read my four-part post at West End Dumplings !

December 4, 1947 - The village of Crystal City is incorporated.

December 4, 1937 - Actor Donnelly Rhodes is born in Winnipeg. He is most recognized for his roles as 'Dutch' in the 70’s U.S. comedy Soap (1978-81), the CBC / Disney Channel family drama Danger Bay (1984-89) and CBC’s DaVinci’s Inquest (1998-2005).

December 4, 1952 - The Canadian Lutheran Council is organized in Winnipeg.

Wawanesa, Manitoba
December 4, 1908 - Wawanesa, Manitoba is incorporated as a village.

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