December 20: Happy Birthday Carberry; Smail's NHL record; Manitoba's "Mr. Hockey" dies.

December 20, 1905 – Streetcar tracks are extended from St. Charles to Headingley.

December 20, 1981 - Winnipeg Jets' left winger Doug Smail sets the NHL record for the fastest goal scored off of the opening face-off. It happened five seconds into a game against St. Louis Blues and goalie Paul Skidmore.

December 20, 1979 - Winnipeg's first multiplex theatre, The Garrick, re-opens after an expansion into a four-plex. 

December 20, 1951 - Billy Holmes, Winnipeg's Mr. Hockey, dies.
Carberry, Manitoba
December 20, 1889 - Carberry, Manitoba is incorporated as a village.

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