November 12: CJAY-TV; St. Andrews burns; Winnipeg International Airport.

November 12, 1960 - At 5:30 p.m. CJAY-TV, Winnipeg's first private television station, signs on the air. It is owned by Lloyd Moffat, Ralph Misener and a group of eight businessmen. 

The station was later renamed CKY and is now CTV Winnipeg. It recently celebrated its 50th anniversary.

November 12, 1960 - KCND TV, the forerunner to Winnipeg’s CKND/Global, goes on the air in Pembina, North Dakota.

November 12, 1968 - Fire destroys the 74 year-old St. Andrew's United Church at 415 Elgin Ave. It was the third major church to burn that year, the others being St. Boniface Basilica and St. Stephen's on Broadway.

November 12, 1895 - The Assiniboine Steam Plant opens in what is now Bonnycastle Park at Fort and Assiniboine.

November 12, 1963 - The final flight leaves Stevenson Field, Winnipeg's first airport. Moments later, at 9:45 a.m.,  the first plane arrives at the Winnipeg International Airport. it was a TransCanada Airlines passenger flight from Montreal.

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