November 11: WW I ends; Remembrance Day; Adam Beach; Harry Lehotsky.

Armistice Day Nov 11 1918
November 11, 1918 - The formal surrender ending WWI is signed in Compiegne, France.

In anticipation, many Winnipeggers headed onto the streets in the chilly morning air. When the surrender was signed at 2 a.m. local time, factory whistles sounded and church bells rang across the city. The celebration ended up congregating at Portage and Main and lasted well throughout the day. (For more, see.)

November 11, 1931 - This day is renamed Remembrance Day and declared a holiday in memory of Canadian Veterans in all wars. For CBC news coverage of Remembrance Day ceremonies in 1944.

November 11, 1972 – Actor Adam Beach is born in Winnipeg.

November 11, 2006Rev. Harry Lehotsky, community activist, dies in Winnipeg. (Also see The Urban Saint.)  He was posthumously named a Member of the Order of Canada on February 20, 2007. His citation reads:

“Harry Lehotsky, C.M. (deceased) Winnipeg, Manitoba

More than 20 years ago, Harry Lehotsky moved his family to Winnipeg's West End and embarked on a journey to help revitalize this marginalized community. As founder and senior pastor of New Life Ministries, he put his faith into action. He founded Lazarus Housing, which renovates abandoned houses for resale to middle- and low-income families.

He also established the Ellice Street CafĂ© and Theatre to provide employment for local residents as well as to build civic pride and spirit. Renowned for his conviction, determination and courage, he remains an inspiration and a model for other activists who champion community development and healthy neighbourhoods.”

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