October 4: Forks Market opens; RCMP officers down; Air Mail begins.

CNE Garage, The Forks 5
October 4, 1989 - The Forks Market opens. The building was the transportation garage and vehicle storage for Canadian National Express, CN's national courier division. (For more on CN Express in Winnipeg.)

October 4, 1935 – Two Manitoba police officers are killed: Constable William Wainwright of the Benito Police Department and Constable John Shaw of the R.C.M.P., Swan River detachment.
Wainwright was 50 years old, a long time resident of Benito, with a wife and four grown children. Shaw was from the Sifton, Manitoba area and engaged to be married.

The two were transferring three men: Joseph Posnikoff; Peter Woiken; and John Kalmakoff, from Manitoba back to Pelly, Saskatchewan where they were wanted for questioning in a robbery. Just outside Pelly, one suspect overpowered Wainright with a knife, took his gun and shot the two officers to death.

The three fled in the car until they meet an RCMP roadblock outside in Canmore, Alberta. In the ensuing shoot-out another suspect is killed along with two more R.C.M.P. officers. The remaining man fled into the bush but a manhunt finds him and he is killed.
In all, seven lives were lost.

October 4, 1927 - The first official Canadian air mail flight takes place between Bisset and Lac du Bonnet, Manitoba. For more Canadian postal history.

October 4, 1906 - Saratoga Lanes opens on Donald Street.

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