July 5: Multicultural CKJS; Carberry News Express; Manitoba's deadliest heat wave.

July 13 1936, Winnipeg Free Press

July 5, 1936 - The deadliest heat wave to strike southern Manitoba begins. Temperatures of 32 degrees or greater lasted for 12 days straight. On July 11 it was dowright miserable as dozens of weather stations reached record temperatures that still stand today. This includes Winnipeg at 42.2 degrees and Brandon at 43.3. St. Albans, south of Brandon, recorded the hottest temperature ever recorded in Manitoba: 44.4 degrees.

In Winnipeg at least 29 deaths were blamed directly on the heat, many more died from drowning in local rivers and creeks trying to escape it. 

July 5, 1889 - The Carberry News Express begins life as the “News and Norfolk Intelligencer and Advertiser”. In October 1910 it merged with the Carberry Express to create the current version of the paper. 

July 5, 1974 - Casimir G. Stanczykowski receives a licence to operate multilingual radio station 810 AM CKJS in Winnipeg. 

Stanczykowski was killed in a car accident in 1981 but CKJS Ltd. operated the station until March 2006 when Newcap Radio took it over. For more on CKJS in Winnipeg.

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