Wow, a whole year has passed !

I've been compiling this data for a couple of years but only started putting it in blog-form back in June 2008. Now I have come to the end of a year the days won't pop us as "new" anymore.

I guess options are to leave it as it is, change the dates behind the scenes to 2009 dates so that they resurface on the date in question ..... any advice ?

As for adding to the database, that is an ongoing thing. Every wee I find new stuff to toss in there !



Fat Arse said...

I think you should absolutely keep this site going - there is nothing wrong with recycling the data. History, after all, is still history.

If it was me, I would compliment the existing "On this day" nuggets by picking a specific year to follow chronologically. What I mean is, pick a year like 1960, 1968, 1957, etc., and begin to follow it chronologically through the existing media of the day - editorials and all from the WFP, Tribune, etc., and add a little tidbit for each day. It can be eclectic, political, entertainment, sports, etc., Whatever strikes your fancy on any given day.

For instance, on May 23rd, 1968 the WFP ran a story "Canned Beer June 10" about changes to the liquor laws that would allow sale of canned beer in MB for first time ever.

On June 3rd. 1968 the WFP ran story on end of the legislative session aptly titled "End of Session" Dry, turgid, partisan, it does, nevertheless, provide insight into our political past.

Only thing I would encourage is that you pick an interesting year... of course, that is in the eye of the beholder.

mrchristian said...

Thanks !

I will keep it going. It seems that I have to manually change the dates to allow the June 5 post to pop up again on June 5.

I do plan on bulking up the entries on the second time around and am always finding new stuff too add.

I like the idea of picking a year but, as I am finding out with the 1919 blog, that's a lot of work ! I have to go at it so quickly that I am not actually getting to read all the articles ! I will have to find some sort of middle ground !