History of Red River Valley Floods in Links

Updated April 7, 2011

East Kildonan (Regina Leader Post, May 16, 1950)

This post was first created in March 2009 to showcase some of the great historic resources for Red River Floods. Since then, many new items have been added and, of course, we are back in the flood situation again.

I have gone through and cleaned up dead links and found the new addresses where possible. A number of sites have updated their information for 2011 so I will try to add new links as I find them.

1948 Flood - Pembina N.D. (St. Vincent Memories)


Fargo History.com has images back as far as the 1890s.

Digital Horizons.org has images from N Dakota as well.

St. Vincent Memories
a fellow local history blogger is constantly digging up gems - family stories and photos that include flood-related items. You can't really tell the story of a family or settlement in the region without talking about floods. Below are a couple of images from her site. Click to link to the entry or go top her blog and search flood !

Downtown Fargo has a great essay on Downtown Fargo through the ages with links to stories and photos, both historic and modern, including the recent revitalization of heritage sections of downtown Fargo / Moorhead.

Lombard Avenue 1950 (Manitoba Photos)


St. Vincent Memories takes in both sides of the for posts such as Emerson in 1950.

Manitoba Pictures.com gallery of photos, news clippings and booklets.

S.O.S. Canadian Disasters from Library and Archives Canada.

CBC Archives' numerous TV and radio reports from past floods.

Peel's Prairie Provinces Search "flood" for dozens of books and booklets on Red River flooding dating back to 1852.

Winnipeg Tribune Archive has hundreds of photos. Just search 'flood'. Here are links to the largest collections: 1950-55 1956-65 1969-74.

TetrES Floodzone (1997) is still available online.

Top 20 Red River Floods Since 1880 Natural Resources Canada

For Winnipeg's Red River Floodway history see here and here.

There are a few reports from the 2009 flood from the Government of Manitoba:

- Press Release Aug 7, 2009
- Overview of 2009 Spring Flooding
- 2009 Spring Flood Report
- 2009 Red River Floodway Operation Report


Also, see many of the 2011 government flood pages as they contain history sections:
- Province of MB
- City of Winnipeg
City of Brandon
- Province of SK

Some of the 2011 media flood watch sites also have recent history sections:
- Free Press (cams)
Fargo Forum (cams, blogs)
- GF Herald (cams)


Barry Scrimgeour said...

There was an iconic photo taken during the 1950 flood of two men, in a canoe, in a living room (!), while one talks on the phone. Can anyone link me to this photo (for personal family history).

mrchristian said...

I will certainly keep an eye out for it !!

Anonymous said...

Do you know of a graph with flood levels dating back to the 1800's?

mrchristian said...

Here is that chart you were asking about: