Welcome to This Was Manitoba!

Welcome to This Was Manitoba !

I began compiling this information a few years ago. What prompted me to start was seeing so many Canadian media outlets, including local ones, trotting out a "this day in history" segment using some U.S. news wire feed. Day after day it was as if Canada, much less Manitoba or Winnipeg, even existed !

We have as interesting a history - I'd argue even a bit more colourful - as most other places in North America. We should be knowledgeable and proud of it.

Aside from the daily history entries you will also find a list of Manitoba history videos, a bookstore and a comprehensive list of Canadian, out of province, Manitoba and Winnipeg history links. I even have a gift guide for the heritage buff in your life !

Should you use this blog as a resource or use the information elsewhere, I ask that you please credit me as it has taken a long time to produce. For reproductions of large portions of the material, I would ask that you contact me first.

Any comments are greatly appreciated at cassidy -at- mts.net

Enjoy your history !


Updated September 23, 2011