June 22: Locomotive 6043; Elijah says no; Elie's F5 tornado.

June 22, 1883 - John Bracken was born in Ontario. He came to Manitoba to be dean of the Agricultural College and soon became an MLA. After spending 21 years as premier, he became leader of the federal Conservatives representing Neepawa. It was he who had 'Progressive' added to the party name.

CN Engine 6043
June 22, 1961 - CN Locomotive 6043 made its final run between Brandon and Winnipeg. It is now located in Assiniboine Park.

June 22, 1990 - From his seat in the Manitoba Legislature, Elijah Harper said "no" to the ratification of the Meech Lake Constitutional Accord.

June 22, 1995 - The former Manitoba Agricultural College / Fort Osborne Barracks / Asper Jewish Campus was designated a Provincial Heritage Site.

June 22, 2007 - A tornado touched down in Elie, Manitoba. Environment Canada confirmed it was a category F5, the only tornado of that intensity to be recorded in Canada. Nobody was hurt or seriously injured but 19 people were left homeless. (Related video).

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