October 6: E. Cora Hind dies; Unicity's first election; Floodway underway.

October 6, 1899 - The Treherne Times begins publishing.

October 6, 1971 - The first municipal election for the new 'Unicity' of Winnipeg takes place. Stephen Juba easily wins as mayor.

February 3, 1891. Manitoba Free Press.

October 6, 1942 - E. Cora Hind dies in Winnipeg. Born in 1861, Hind grew up on a farm in Grey County, Ontario. In 1882 she arrived in Winnipeg and soon became a noted writer and lecturer on topics such as temperance, rural life and women's suffrage.

In 1901 John W. Dafoe, the Free Press' Editor-in-Chief, hired Hind as an agricultural reporter and soon promoted her to the editor of that section. Her annual Western crop predictions were so accurate that they were read world-wide and influenced international commodity markets.

June 9 1906. Manitoba Free Press

In 1937 Hind stepped down as an editor but continued writing for the paper until her death at the age of 81.

Also see obituaries in Time Magazine and Winnipeg Tribune.

October 6, 1972. (Source)

October 6, 1962 – With son in tow, Duff Roblin climbs aboard a tractor to perform the official sod-cutting for the Winnipeg Floodway.

October 6, 1941 - A leader of Manitoba's German community, Hugo Carstens dies in Winnipeg. (Also see his obituary.)

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