October 10: Manitoba Club opens; Travellers' Association created; Jets' first NHL game; Pumping Station retired.

October 10, 1882The North West Commercial Travellers’ Association is formed at a meeting at the Grand Union Hotel, 200 Princess Street. The aim of the association: "to secure traveling and personal benefits for commercial travelers, manufacturers’ agents, sales executives and proprietors of wholesaling and distribution companies."

Downtown Winnipeg
Along with the HBC, the NWC (as it's now called) is the only surviving original member of the Winnipeg Chamber of Commerce. The organization's first main headquarters was the Traveller's Building off Old Market Square. In 1946, they took over the Inglis Building on Garry Street. They are now located at 715 Portage Avenue.

October 10, 1979 -The Winnipeg Jets play their first NHL regular season game. It is 4 - 2 loss on the road to the Pittsburgh Penguins. For more Jets history.

Manitoba Club
October 10, 1905 - Governor General Earl Grey opens the Manitoba Club's new building at 194 Broadway.

October 10, 1870 - Manitoba's first police force, the "Mounted Constabulary Force" is ready for action ! For more on early policing in the province.

October 10, 1986 - The James Avenue High Pressure Pumping Station, which supplied pressurized waster to downtown Winnipeg since 1907, is retired. The building stills stands near Waterfront Drive.

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