September 5: Henderson Highway, Limestone Generating Station open.

Flowers by the Disraeli

September 5, 1931
– The official opening of a paved Henderson Highway takes place in a series of ceremonies, the main one at the corner of McLeod and Henderson.
It is named for Samuel R. Henderson, a local pioneer, politician and first president of the Manitoba Good Roads Association.

Originally called East Kildonan Road, then Kelvin Street, it was named Henderson Highway in 1928. In October 1930 it was expanded and paved from Larsen Street to the East St. Paul limits as a Depression relief program. The $114 k cost, which included laying two streetcar tracks down the centre meridian, was 80% covered by the feds.

September 5, 1948 - The Arctic Ice Company fire, Winnipeg.

September 5 1991
- The Limestone Generating Station officially opens ahead of schedule. Limestone is located on the Nelson River, 750 km north of Winnipeg.

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