September 19: Farewell streetcars; Sifton dies; Catherine Wisnicki, architect.

Kolley (Sept. 19, 1955, Winnipeg Free Press)

September 19, 1955 - After 64 years Winnipeg's streetcar era comes to an end. Just before 3 a.m. operator Leonard Kolley pulled car number 734 into the North Main garage. Despite the early hour, people waited along the route to be part of the final ride.

The following day trolleys and diesel buses took over the routes and Mayor Sharpe participated in a ceremonial taking up of the track. The streetcars were sold as scrap, many ending up as cottages or chicken coops in rural Manitoba.

For more on Winnipeg's streetcar history see Winnipeg Streetcar and CBC Archives.

September 19, 2003 – Brandon University’s Health Studies Complex opens.

September 19, 1919
- Catherine Mary Wisnicki is born in Winnipeg. She became the first woman to graduate from McGill’s School of Architecture in 1943 and went on to a distinguished career in her field.

September 19, 1851
- Reverend John Black, the West’s first Presbyterian minister, arrives in Kildonan. John Black Memorial Church on Henderson Highway is named for him.

September 19, 1912 - John W. Sifton, politician and president of the Winnipeg Free Press from 1902 - 1912, dies.

February 15, 1945, Winnipeg Tribune

 September 19, 1928 - Speed skater Betty Mitchell is born. 

A Glenlawn Collegiate grad, class of 1945, she broke a couple of international records when she while still competing as a junior and took the overall North American Senior Women’s Championship in 1947, 1948 and 1950. 

Unfortunately, World War II kept her from international events in her prime but she was Canada's only entry in the world championships in Norway in February 1949, (women's speed skating was not yet an Olympic sport). Olson finished 12th of 20 competitors.

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