September 15: RWB's Hargrave HQ; Brandon alderman Rhoda Tennant; Red River Co-op is formed.

Norlyn Building
September 15, 1952 - The Royal Winnipeg Ballet open their new headquarters on the top floor of the Norlyn Building at 309 Hargrave. On June 8, 1954, the space was destroyed in the Time Building fire. The company lost everything; costumes, sets, original choreography and music scores as well as $10,000 in music.

September 15, 1970 - Rhoda Tennant dies. She was elected Brandon's first female alderman at the height of the Depression.

September 15, 1937 - The Charter for the Red River Cooperators Cooperative Supply, now known as Red River Co-op, is signed. For its first couple of decades it was primarily a fuel supply business. (For more on the history of Red River Co-op.)

September 15, 1925 - Bus service begins to the outskirts of Elmwood.

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