September 10: The old Vic Hospital; Churchill's first grain ship; King of Portage Avenue dies.

September 10, 1943 - the HMCS St. Boniface is commissioned at Port Arthur, ON.

September 10, 1951 – The original Victoria Hospital on River Avenue launches a $125,000 fund raising campaign to complete their new wing and modernize the main hospital. The Vic was located on River from 1911 to 1971 when it moved to its Pembina Highway location. the building is now the River Manor Apartments.

Churchill, Manitoba - Port of Churchill
September 10, 1931 - The Farnworth is the first grain cargo ship to dock at the Port of Churchill. She and her sister ship the Warkworth, were leased by the Canadian government to deliver 554,000 bushels of Canadian No. 2 Northern wheat to England.

September 10, 1996 - Alex Mitchell, once one of the largest property owners in downtown Winnipeg, dies at the age of 93. In 1936 he founded the Dayton Outfitters department store at Portage and Hargrave.

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